In today’s busy fast paced world it can be often difficult to take moment to offer assistance and even more difficult to take notice of others that are offering assistance, support, encouragement or completing a random act of kindness.

A few weeks ago, I was purchasing my favorite beverage from Dunkin Doughnuts and when I arrived at the casher to pay for my order, I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that the person in front of me had already paid for my item.  Feeling so grateful, I instantly told the cashier I would pay for the order for the person behind me. These random acts of kindness are what make the world we live in a better place and what makes DCS such a special place.

Each day I observe our students and staff helping one another, showing kindness without giving it a second thought. Older students stopping to help younger students on and off the bus, when someone drops a paper or their books there are always two or more people bending down retrieving the items quickly for the individual who dropped them. Teachers staying after offering assistance and support to students who need just a little extra support and recently I can’t even begin to articulate all of the acts of kindness surrounding the musical production Guys and Dolls.  I am very pleased to say that DCS is a place to be proud of!

A fellow colleague shared with me a poem by the late child poet Mattie Stepanek that says: “When one person is thoughtful to another, the thoughtfulness gets carried on and on. It is like a river of kindness, once blocked by rocks, that is suddenly opened by a single person’s kind thought or act.”

As educators, as family and community members, our job isn’t just to teach skills, but it’s to lead by example. I think we are human beings first and educators second, so we owe it to ourselves and each other to be kind to one another. Simple acts of kindness, whether they are a kind word or a smile, can start in the home or the school and expand to the rest of our area and the world.

I’ve seen the difference kindness makes when it comes to a student who is struggling or a colleague who is having a bad day. Being kind means offering a compassionate point a view, a shoulder to cry on, or just being supportive of someone's feelings. In my experience I’ve seen that kindness is contagious, and an environment brimming with thoughtfulness is a positive one.

Together, we can achieve great things; one kind act and one place at a time.

Posted by khouck On 10 March, 2017 at 6:45 AM  

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